Easter Revision and Booster Courses

Easter Revision and Booster Courses

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Easter Revision and Booster Courses

We are now taking bookings for our Easter Revision and Booster Courses for KS1 & KS2 students. We are offering daily /weekly courses starting Monday 3rd April and finishing Thursday 6th April. The curriculum covered in the Easter course is similar to our termly curriculum – namely Reading, English including Comprehension, Grammar, Spelling, Handwriting, Maths, 11+ Preparation and other exam preparation including SATS. We also cover support for secondary school students. However the course is more intensive, as the time available is 3 hours per session.

To discuss your child’s requirements in more depth, please arrange an appointment with either the Principal or Deputy by contacting the secretary at reception or email us at info@youngeducationservices.co.uk.

The time of tuition is 1.00-4.00pm daily. We are offering a “special offer” system. The price for our daily session is £39.50 for 3 hours. You may book your child in as frequently as you wish. I must emphasise that these lessons are not obligatory although once booked, dates must be adhered to. If a lesson is missed, a Correspondence Lesson will be issued as normal. If you book all 4 days, the cost is £128.00 (that is, £32.00 per day).

If you are away on holiday and would like to take a correspondence lesson or correspondence lessons tailor made for your child then please contact the Principal or Deputy.

Our finish date for students already attending YES is Saturday 8th April. Our return date for weekly tuition is Tuesday 18th April. May I take this opportunity of wishing you all a happy holiday and thank you for all your support. If your child will be attending on the Monday, Tuesday or Thursday of this week and you wish them to attend all four days of the Easter course, you may swap the evening lesson for the Easter session earlier that day.

Please indicate on the form overleaf if you wish to book your child in for our Easter Course. If you are not fully sure of all the dates you need then do not worry. These can be arranged nearer the time. However, I would suggest that you book in the dates you require as soon as possible, as there are only a limited number of places. Thank you.

When choosing dates, please consider the following points:

* Daily lessons commence at 1.00 and finish at 4.00pm.
* Any day, on any week or a number of days may be booked.
* The cost per day is £39.50 per session for 3 hours
* If you would like your child to attend for all 4 days, that is possible and the cost will be £128.00.
* You may leave a gap in between lessons if you have a holiday or outing planned.
* Once a lesson is booked it must be adhered to otherwise a

Correspondence Lesson will be issued and full payment is still required.

The dates available for tuition are Monday 3rd, Tuesday 4th, Wednesday 5th, Thursday 6th April 2017

Please contact us to book a course!



If you would prefer to speak to us please call 07850 132 904 or 07935 422 553